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Am I at risk?

Hi all,
I went for a body to body massage last week and though I had my underwear on and she was naked, while I was on my back she lowered my underwear and placed her vagina on my but crack and I’m not sure if I could get infected through her vaginal fluid getting into my but or anus. Please help
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Relax, it was not at all any HIV risk. In sexual routes of transmission, infectious body fluids must be exchanged INSIDE the body. Surface contacts of genitals do not carry any risk.

There has to be an unprotected penetration (anal or vaginal) for HIV transmission to take place.
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Thank you sir. For your feedback.
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I agree again with Diver (happens a lot).  You didn't do anything that would transmit HIV.  Adults get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  Air inactivate the virus.  So, touching on the outside of your body to vaginal fluid is not going to transmit the virus.  You had no risk.
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