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Am I at risk?

Hello everyone. I had protected anal sex and mutual unprotected oral sex with a gay guy (I was bottom) on 5/29. Not sure if the condom was broken or not. The guy said he’s negative and got his last test on October. 3 days after the encounter I began to feel a little cold and it developed into a fever on 6/4 (6 days after the encounter). I had a sore on the frenulum of tongue and had stiff neck too. At that time I was not too worried because I can feel the pain inside my anus for the whole week after sex. I thought the fever was because of anal tears got infected by bacteria inside. I used antibiotics and the fever lasted about 2-3 days. After the fever stopped, I got a sore throat and had face burning (not the body) for almost one week. Then the symptoms disappeared for one week. On the week of 6/21 (4 weeks after the encounter), I suddenly felt pain on the ceiling of my mouth and then the pain moved to the throat the next day. I can feel little bumps on the ceiling of mouth. I began to develop itchy hives on my body (not too many, just one or two every day, they disappeared within one day) and I felt super hungry on some days even if I ate a lot. My face felt burning almost every day during the day time. My neck was itchy. When I scratched it, I can feel little swelling things under the skin. Then from this week (7 weeks after the encounter), I began to feel swelling on my neck, chest and armpits. I can touch the lymph nodes under my chins and armpits. Some of them felt sore and some didn’t. I still have sore throat and face burning problem.

Can you assess my risk? I know I can’t get diagnosed by symptoms. But can ARS occur one week after encounter and last more than 6 weeks? When should I get tested?
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Good news! You had no risk whatsoever for HIV. HIV Is ONLY spread by having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  Protected anal is zero risk. Mutual oral sex, is also no risk.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus. No one gets HIV from oral sex.  So, nothing you did would result in getting HIV and your 'symptoms' are unrelated.
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