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Am I freaking out for no reason?(HIV concern)

Hey doctors and other out there! I am seriously freaking out because a guy I had sexual contact with(vaginal sex) pretended to put on a condom, but didn't. The only reason I know he wasn't wearing it was because he pulled out before he came. I am not super concerned about most stds considering they are treatable, but I am extremely freaked out about HIV. Do I have a high chance contracting HIV considering we had sex for less than 1 minute and he didn't cum inside of me? He says that he donates blood and plasma and that they would have flagged him if he had anything, but he could be lying. He also just got out of the military(I don't know if this makes a difference). I am going to get tested(getting the pcr because I cannot go 3 months without knowing). I just want to know opinions so that I can get a nights rest and stop feeling like I'm going to throw up every time I think about it considering this just happened 5 days ago and I have to wait 7 more days before I can get tested. Thanks to all who help! P.S. I don't know if this helps any, but as far as I know he is heterosexual and he is also a white male(24).
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I forgot to mention too that he agreed to get tested as well(pcr) in place of me if I wanted him to.
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Hi, the chances are low but the activity stated above falls in the risk umbrella for HIV. At this time, its important for you to relax and stay calm. You can take a 4th generation HIV test once you complete 28-30 days of your exposure. This test is conclusive and gives definite results. You would be fine, do not worry as worry would just worsen things.
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Would it be better if I just had him get the test and if he tests positive for me to get one or should I get one regardless of if he tests negative or not? I was just tested a couple weeks before I had sex with him. So I know for a fact that if I did contract something it was from him.
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If you need a quick relief from anxiety, you can get him tested. But again, in the worst cases the infection might now show up if its recently caught. But the chances would lessen down even more, in fact, much more less if he tests negative. I am sure you are safe do not worry or panic. Always be calm and take wise decisions during such situation.
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