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Am I having early signs of HIV?

April 5th, received unprotected oral from escort.

April 10th, again I received unprotected oral from the same escort, but only this time after I came in her mouth and she pull away, I noticed blood on the head of my penis.... she said it was from her tooth and that her dentist did a bad job.

April 11th, I notice red streaks start to form on the back of both hands.

April 12th, red streaks started to cause sharp muscle/joint pain on the back of both hands from 12pm to about 7pm when the pain started to dull down a bit. The pain then started to come and go randomly And would sometimes shoot up my forearms. Started using NeoSporin(antibiotic cream).

April 13th, the NeoSporin seemed to have helped with the red streaks, but my skin looks a little inflamed in the areas where the pain were strongest.

April 18 to April 21, fatigued/tired and have been taking mid-day naps and have been waking up with night sweats. The pain has progressed to more of a tingling+numbing pain in both hands and forearms.

I have already scheduled an appointment  with the clinic on the 29th (a week from today).

I am really scared to death...
I know when my body isn't right and it's telling me something is seriously not right...

Have I contracted HIV?
Will they prescribe me some kind of ARV medication even if I have all signs of early HIV symptoms  but test negative during the first month after exposure?

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You had no risk
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Then what are these symptoms I am having woth my hand and arms??
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You will not get HIV symptoms this early , may be some allergic reaction.
As Vance said , You have no RISK.
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I didn't think of this till now since you've mentioned allergic reaction but... on the 10th to the 11th..... I have accidentally used antibacterial soap thinking it was hand sanitizer... so for 2 days straight I used antibacterial foam soap without rinsing off the soap and I used it maybe 4 to 5 times throughout  those 2 days...
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4 to 5 times EACH day without rinsing
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I will ask the clinic for all those tests, thanks you
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No risk even though there was blood present on the head of my penis from her mouth?

I read that blood infected with hiv can enter the body through the urethra
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See a Dr for your symptoms, they have nothing to do with HIV
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I'm truly hoping you are right.
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I will ask the doctor/nurse if the test is a 4th generation combo test on April 29th when I go in to get checked  up in 7 days from today. Should I see the doctor at the clinic or a urologist?
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How can you say NO RISK when there was blood from her mouth on the head of my penis?
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He is saying that because the blood would have been mixed with saliva and would not be sufficient to transmit HIV..

You have been the real deal here mate, you havent had a risk for HIV and do not need to test for this incident...
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