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Am I unlikely to contract HIV? Freaking out

Hi everyone please give me your input on this. Last Monday (10 days ago) I had unprotected anal sex as a TOP with a guy who told me he was negative (I'm very skeptical because I did not know him very well). I didn't go in all the way but I'm still freaking out about the likelihood of me getting HIV if he even did have it. It lasted for no more than 2 minutes (it was very short) and there was no blood on my penis after. I didn't go in all the way, afterwards I asked him if it was possible to contact anything if he did have anything (which he claimed he didn't) and he said no because "the tip didn't go in". Does that lower my likelihood? He told me he usually topped anyways. Afterwards I thoroughly washed/ scrubbed my genitals and thrushed the inside of my urethra with hot water just in case because I was super scared. I'm circumcised, tested negative on ghonnorea and chlamydia, and this was a ONE TIME OCCURENCE. Im usually not sexually active and this only happened once, I've done oral and stuff like that before but never unprotected sex. I've read online that the likelihood of me contracting HIV as a top one time is .11% and my doctor told me that I should'nt be worried and just wait till the 4 week mark since it's very unlikely. I don't have any symptoms just yet but a lot of mucus in my throat (although I feel like these are seasonal allergies). I just don't want one stupid mistake to ruin the rest of my life. Should I be worried?
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I also feel tired but I feel like that's from all the worrying and running I've been doing trying to forget about this problem until the 4 week mark lol
Symptoms aren't used to diagnose because they prove nothing. If the tip didn't go in how did you penetrate, which you said you did? Only sex risk for you would be if you penetrated, because HIV is instantly inactivated in air so can't infect unless you penetrate.
The tip went in but it didn't go that far. Should I be worried about my HIV risk considering all these conditions and that it was very short?
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someone please answer lol
Anyone who practices unprotected sex should not be trusted.

Anyone who has any form of risk usually critiques their body and starts looking for "symptoms".

All you can do at this point is follow your drs advice and have a 4th generation test at 4 weeks.
Until then try and not stress over this considering HIV is not automatically transmitted if he was infected.
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Thanks! It's just freaking me out but I'll try not to worry
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If the head of your penis penetrated his anus, you had a risk and need to test. It doesn't matter AT ALL how far it went in...........HIV is contracted through the urethra which I trust you know is on the head of your penis.
Have a 4th generation DUO test at 28 days post this exposure, then follow any further testing protocols of your doctor or clinic.
As iommi told you, NEVER trust anyone who does not insist on using a condom. That is a huge red flag that they don't care about THEIR health or YOURS!
We all wish you the best outcome.
Please educate yourself about HIV and safe sex.

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