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Am at risk for HIV from precum on penis head

So recently I was giving this guy a hand job and we ended up rubbing our dicks together and he had precum on his penis. im not sure if it touched my penis head or uretha but if it did am I at risk? I also asked if he was clean and he said he got tested a few days before and was negative so he didn't seem worried. Thank you please get back to me soon
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No, this is not a risk for HIV.  HIV is transmitted only in the following ways which are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse where penetration took place or sharing of drug (IV) needles.  Air inactivates the virus.  Frottage, just touching semen will not transmit HIV because it has to happen INSIDE the body.  So, you did not have a risk and can breath easy.
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Your risk can't change since the last time you asked that question, so stop making multiple threads.
I guess this is slightly different than your other thread, however you were advised of the only risks on that thread, and now again, so it should be easy for you to figure if you have a risk in future.
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