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Am at risk help pls

Hello doctors...m 30 yrs male.. Living in Australia .i had unprotected veginal sex 1 year ago for two nights with a girl in a hotel room ....on my visit to India . I am coeliac as we'll (wheat intolerance ) after couple if days I come back to Australia .....and about 1 month later of that incident I got fever and leg pain and my leg pain was continue for around 3 weeks... I was soo worried about hiv ....so I had  hiv1/2. Ab/ag test after one month which come back not detective....I had ab/ag  test at 3months , 6 months not defective and at 1year of my last exposer 1 had ab/ag test here in Australia they all come not detective .....and I had hiv1 proviral dna pcr in India at 11 months of my exposure..not detective as well  ....I loose 5kg weight in first 2 months of my exposers and feeling tired and seek most of the time... M worrying a lot ... As some webs say some people don't develop antibody for years... What about proviral dna pcr can that able to detect virus after 11 months ... As doctor in India prescribed for quantative RNA pcr but my mistake laboratory done hinv1 proviral dna by realtime pcr..iknow these tests are now approved by CDC ...I was ansious and I have to do it ...I will be getting married in December ...and I am in big stress.. Plz help me doctors... Do I need any further testing ...and is hiv1 proviral dna is similar to rna pec or not for detecting virus in body after 11 months ..plz reply ASAP ..
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You are HIV negative and you have over tested.

All the best.
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Congrats ....bt u didn't answer my question buddy
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