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Am i at risk ? (protected sex + unprotected oral sex)

i don't know if this question has been asked before, i am new here and i don't really know how things work.

my problem :
i am a 27 yo male, i had a protected sex with a girl (i used a condom) but before that i made her a cunnilingus, it wasn't deep, it was superficial and quick.

i am afraid of STD especially HIV infection even though i know the risk is very low via oral sex.

- i had no wounds in my mouth
- she wasn't on her periods (as she said)
- she is sure she is clean
- i have no symptoms

i made the first test after 3 days (i didn't know it needs time) i was negative

i made a second test after 24 days of the intercourse and everything also was negative.i don't know which type of test it is, but the result were ready in two hours. everything is clear but herpes simplex 1 igg was positive. the doctor told me not to worry about.
i am not sure of the accuracy of the test within this period. a lot of people say that 3 month is conclusive but i'll die waiting for 3 months.
i am stressing too much.
i have an opportunity to re-do the test in 4 days, (it will exactly match one month after the intercourse)
what do you guys think ?
how can i remove this situation from my head?
is the 24 days test accurate enough ?
will the 30 days test be accurate ?
i am stressing out so much ...
thank you
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You did not have a risk for HIV because you used a condom for intercourse. Oral sex is not a risk for hiv because saliva is a hostile environment for the virus and renders it inactive. No risk means nothing to test.

Post your other STD questions in the STD forum because this one is hiv specific.
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Thank you Chima7, a little bit lost on this forum :)
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