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An important and an urgent query for dr edward hook.

Respected dr edward hook.  Im getting married in december the second week of it. We decided to have a smalll bachelors party. Well i wasnt very drunk  we visited a woman status unkown and i had two condoms on  well i dint really get an erection and everytime she tried inserting it , it would bump out so i guess may be jus three tyms of all i would hav gone inside her and that too just half way and being frank i did rub my penis on her clitoris area with both the condoms on. Towards the end intried once again wd a fifty percent erection with just one condom an i could manage just half way. After the activity inchecked my penis and all i had was the lubricant of the condom on it , of which im very sure. What are the odds of an hiv or any other hiv. Im worried. The doc has started my on post exp pills and they r tooo strong i dunt think i can really have them. I would want your frank and hondst opinion sir.
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Dr. Hook is no longer answering questions on this site. There are no doctors on this site. Only volunteers answering questions.

In answer to your question, sex using a condom is no risk. Therefore you had no risk for HIV from the situation you've described. However, for future reference, never use more than one condom at a time because wearing two increases friction during use which could lead to breakage. Always only use one condom as stated in the directions that are written on the package.
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Thank you very much. And theblast querybis du u recommend me tu take a test or take those. Post exp pills becz the pills r like really really strong.
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I can't advise you on taking medication that was prescribed by a doctor. But I can tell you that I personally would not have taken PEP for a non exposure such as yours. It is a very strong medicine with a lot of side effects, some of which could be very bad. Which is why a smart doctor would only prescribe it in the event of a true exposure with someone who is confirmed to be infected with HIV.

You'll have to address your medication questions with the doctor who prescribed them. Since you had no risk then you don't require an HIV test. But if you would've had a risk, the guidelines state to test 12 weeks after the last dose of PEP.
Thanks a lot doc it relieves me a lot and gives me a lot of confidence thank you fir such a valid and a frank answer. Its really appreciable

DR Hook is on a site called- ASk The Experts. costs $25 to ask a question. so is DR Handsfield.
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