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Another High Anxiety Poster

Here it is:

I had unprotected insertive anal intercourse with another male.  I understand the risk is high already...it was quick, he pushed himself on me twice and I told him no and stopped it, I then put a condom on and we proceded, the condom broke...ugh.  I asked him before and after the exposure and he stated he was negative, but his insistence of being unprotected has me greatly concerned.

November 7th-exposure
November 9th-Initial rapid test HIV-I just wanted a baseline-NEG
November 14th-possible swollen node (under left chin)-It feels different than other side, but I am not a DR.
November 15th-swollen painful lymph node under right arm pit-it is painful to touch
November 16h-swollen painful lymph node right groin-it is painful to touch

I have been monitoring my temperature-no fever

Other than being exhausted which I believe is anxiety driven-no other symptoms

I already have a re-test scheduled for December 14th.  I am very anxious and very scared.  I just don't have anyone to talk to about this and wanted to get things out.  I know I am at high risk, I am greatly concerned about the swollen and painful lymph nodes.  I know I have to just wait for the test but I wanted to hear other opinions.

Thanks for reading
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3 month post exposure test will be conclusive.
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ARS comes at 2-4 weeks post exposure and lasts for 1-2 weeks.  swollen lymph nodes from ars are NOT painful.

sitting around looking for symptoms and monitoring your temperature accomplishes NOTHING except adding fuel to your anxiety.  the symptoms of early infection are the same symptoms of numerous other common, everyday illnesses...so symptom checking is not a good idea.

you can test at 6-8 weeks post exposure for a good indication of your status...but as teak stated above...3 months is when you can obtain a conclusive test result.
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My story was 98% same with your s. I was insertive to HIV+ male, as he mentioned at the end.

I collected my negative result only at 03rd month, which is conclusive.

Wish you to be negative aswel. But, I am informed that only 12 weeks conclusive.

Dellon from Sri Lanka.
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Thanks folks...I know it's fueling anxiety...It's really hard for me because I am out of the country on a work assignment, so I don't have many friends here.  It makes it really easy to terrify myself into symptom hunting...I'll work on getting off of it and keeping myself busy, that is really good advice.  I have a friend coming soon so that will help get my mind off of things and stop obsessing for a while.

I appreciate the service and just being able to get the risk and feelings out there. Just talking about it and having someone tell you that you are being obsessive helps.  

Dellon, any advice on what you did to get through the waiting period?  
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I am in almost the exact same boat as you. Crazy similar circumstances.

I am at day 20, my throat is a tad tingly (not sore enough to do anything about), but it started at like day 12 or so and it isn't normal. My armpits / upper chest next to my armpit is tender, i can tell something is swollen slightly. I have had a headache from like day 5 on :-) I have not had a fever (I have monitored it too :-) ).

I did a rapid test at day 14 which was negative. I am trying to get this crap out of my head and wait for 3 more weeks and then 1 1/2 more months. I don't know if I can do it.....

Good luck!

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Oh and my left lymph in my throat is slightly bigger than the one on the right too. Just feels different :-)
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Well, my situation is the same as well CONDOM BREAK. l am damn worn out l cant even sleep. l have been searching the internet for answers and afraid to take the test to be true. THis site is very good.
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We should have a party! Call it a dread party :-)
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HAHA-yeah...the dread can be overwhelming...

However, I came to a conclusion yesterday...one I discovered by reading posts and posting on this forum... it has been helping me a lot and getting me to move on...I hope this helps you to relax too...

What is worrying about it going to do?  Will it change the event...does it make it any easier...will it change the result of the test...no, no and no.  

At this point it is totally out of my control, and that's what is hard.  I've been trying to monitor every single symptom and event as if it gives me some sort of control...it doesn't.  So, I've realized, the only thing I can control is to decide to take care of myself, continue to live my life and enjoy it...and if the test comes back positive, I'll do the same thing...except I'll have to take meds and visit the dr more often.  If it's negative, I will learn from it, be thankful and I'll try to get more involved with education.

So join me, take a deep breath and we'll get through this together!  Right now I'm doing pretty good, but if I start freaking out, I'll let ya know ;-)...Chances are we are fine, and I know there is a great community of love and support if we're not.  So no matter what, I know we'll be ok...
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Just wanted to comment on your post seen as i had a similar exposure, insertive anal and vaginal with a sex worker of a unknown status. I tested negative 6 weeks then finally 12 weeks. Chances are wont be infected, as the peeps here will tell you dont search the interent about HIV symptoms etc, it will just make sure more confussed and **** ( i did the same trust me its no good) Get ur negative tests result at the 12 weeks mark, then move on. Best wishes you'l be fine dude x
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