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Anus irritation.Possible STD?

Hello all, I had a sex with a prostitute 34 days ago. The test i underwent was " HIV (1&2 Abs and P24 Ag), serum" using ElectroChemiluminescenceAssay at day 27(I know its early but the anxiety was literally taking over me) and came back negative. The only symptoms i have at the moment is a sore throat, although i should mention i smoke half a pack a day approx. Another thing is today morning i have had irritation around my anus.I have had one episode of Diarrhea and the irritation started the next day.Could someone please help me figure out what might have caused this irritation and is it related to HIV or any other STD. I really would appreciate any help as the irritation has now brought back my anxiety.
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If you had vaginal sex, anus irritation has absolutely nothing to do with the sexual activity.

What was your sexual exposure - anal, oral, or vaginal, and was it protected, or unprotected?
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it was unprotected oral and protected anal.
Could you please also elaborate on the reliablity of the lab test please.
There was no risk associated with your incident.

Neither oral sex nor condom protected sex is a risk, condoms are effective barrier to HIV transmission.

Drink adequate amount of water, cut down on spicy food and sweets to get rid of anal irritation.

Also, smoking causes cancer.

Please see a doctor for your discomforts. HIV is not your concern.  Your testing was unwarranted and window period doesn't apply to you since you didn't have a risk.
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You had zero risk for HIV.  Your test is 100% reliable, and negative, because you didn't need to test for a disease you cannot possibly have.
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The Diarrhea  may have caused your anus to become irritable. After anal sex, it's common for the receiver to have diarrhea afterwards, this is nothing to worry about.
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