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Anxiety after multiple high exposures over 3 years

i hope some can clear up some misconception for me as my anxiety is killing me.

i have had multiple exposures (unprotected vaginal sex) with multiple sex workers over the past 3 years and have a few questions. One of them was in the Philippines.

i have taken 3 seperate 4th genration ab/ag tests at 5 months, 9 months and 10 months after my last exposure and all have come back non-reactive.

i have the following questions.

1. Does the duo test ive had able to detect such instances of multi infection such as a superinfection or having both hiv 1 and 2 at the same time? and does this effect window period of testing?

2. do u think i need any additional tests such as pcr or dna tests to cover all of my bases?

3. Are my tests conclusive and i can move on or is additional testing warranted because of my multiple high risk exposures? and the fact that one of them was outside the usa in the Philippines with a csw.

4. is the accuracy of the test effected because of the long period of exposures ive had since there are multiple over 3 years.

5. would the duo test pick up a hiv 1 and 2 coinfection as accurate as it was only hiv 1 or 2 infection?

please help me as i cant seem to let this go.
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You have reliably tested negative long outside the window period.

Wear condoms from here on out and you will avoid HIV.

You do not have HIV.
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thank you for the quick reply sir. so it is just my anxiety then and i have nothing no worry about?
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do you have specific answers to all my questions or is that not necessary because of testing negative after the window period multiple times?

my main concerns are hiv type 1 and 2 dual infection and superinfection because of my multiple exposers and my long time testing since first exposure as well as fear of hiv type 2 from the encounter in the Philippines.
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If you had HIV 1 and/or 2 if would've been picked up long before now. The only thing that matters is that you don't have HIV
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thank you so much i really appreciate the answers you provided me and bless you for being there for all of anxious peoples.
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