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Are my HIV Tests conclusive?

Ever since last year April 2018, I have been anxious about HIV.

I am a male 21 year old.

First encounter:
April 26, 2018 - Had a protected threesome MSM with me as the bottom. I do not know them I met them online.

All the tests I had were 3rd generation rapid tests

May 24, 2018 (4 weeks) - Negative
June 26, 2018 (9 weeks) - Negative
July 19, 2018 (12 weeks) - Negative
August 8, 2018 (15 weeks) - Negative

This year I was stupid enough to have another encounter with someone I dont know. Frottage and mutual masturbation. No condom.

June 21, 2019 was the date.
July 19, 2019 (4 weeks) - Negative.
Sept. 13, 2019 (12 weeks) - Negative.

Am I conclusively negative? Can I move on? The syringe used was clean I saw it open but im still anxious.

When can i stop worrying about HIV?
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Your both incidents were NO RISK exposures. Since there was no risk, the test would always be reported Negative. You do not have HIV so stop worrying and move on with your life normally
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I concur with diver58. Your results are conclusive. Also, you over tested, which is a sign of anxiety. If you are always worried about irrational fear of this disease, you can seek counseling for it.

If you use condoms correctly and consistently for vaginal or anal intercourse you will not have to worry about HIV.
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