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Are my HIV tests conclusive with more symptoms?

I had unprotected vaginal sex 75 days ago.  I began to have pain in my urethra and discoloration on the head of my penis.  After a month I had pain in my lower back and right testicle.  I was treated for a prostate infection.    I had a 4th generation combo HIV lab test at 36 days and was negative.  I had body aches, extreme fatigue, dehydration, weight loss and night sweats.  I also tested positive for Covid 19 during this time with no cough or fever.  My lower back pain has persisted.  I had an additional 4th generation test and a HIV PCR RNA test at 60 days post exposure.   Both tests were negative.  The female I had sex with provided me with a negative HIV antibody test.  She advised it had been three months since she was with anyone else.  I developed burning in my lower abdomen and a red rash on my upper chest that looks like a sunburn that comes and goes.  At 71 days post exposure I had another 4th generation combo test which was negative.  After this test a developed a swollen sore lymph node in my neck the size of a pea.  My lower and now my mid back are inflamed and hurting.  I still have the rash and discoloration on the head of my penis.  Are the HIV tests I have taken conclusive or due to my recent symptoms should I retest?  
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You had an actual risk (we see a lot of non risks and over worry about those here).  But testing for HIV is reliable and you've had three tests that all say negative.  You can definitely stop testing and rest easy that you do not have HIV.  Could it be that your prostate issue is back?  I'd see the regular doctor about this and please do NOT fear HIV as that is not the reason for your issues (all three tests taken in the appropriate time period to be conclusive tell you that) so get to the bottom of this looking for the REAL reason.  There is also a men's health forum here. But do not ask about HIV as that is answered strictly on this forum.  You would want to tell your symptoms and say HIV has been ruled out as it has.  Check out that forum! https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Mens-Health/show/93
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Thank you for the response.  When I asked my ID doctor about the reliability of the tests they told me to retest in a month, which would put me 3 months post exposure.  Developing the rash, swollen lymph node on my neck along with the continued back pain has been very concerning.  I’m on my third round of antibiotics for my prostate infection.  
Well, that's up to you but you 've  over tested at this point and you are negative.  I wouldn't test again.  Your doctor may just be trying to appease you because you are anxious. You tested during the appropriate time frame THREE times and were negative.  You don't have HIV.
Many tens of millions of negative people have back pain. You should move on from the idea that symptoms can be useful in diagnosing hiv.
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Each of your 3 tests and her 1 were conclusive so only 1 of the 4 needed to be done for you to confidently move on. At this point, knowing that, it will be abnormal if you test again. Doctors can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them, which is why you should stop studying your body cold turkey and stop googling symptoms cold turkey as well.

Some of your symptoms seem minor, so they might even be in your imagination. For example, you don't know what your lymph should feel like so should stop poking and irritating it immediately. If you wanted your tv fixed you would not go to your barber, similarly see your doc if you want your  lymph nodes examined rather than trying to perform self-diagnosis.
On the other hand, anything that hurts should be looked at by a medical professional (or if you are referring to a back ache when you say "now..inflamed ..hurting" a physiotherapist may be able to assess that situation) so I would get them checked out.
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Thank you for your response.  I’ve been seeing my regular doctor and infectious disease doctor.  
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