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Are my results are conclusive ?

I am a 40 years old male from India. I have had few exposures and the last exposure was an anal sex with a female of unknown HIV status.
I have taken a Rapid test on 75th day from my last exposure. The blood was taken from my vein and the result shows HIV rapid, Serum and it is non-reactive. The lab person told the kit used was Alere HIV1/2 Rapid kit.
But when I did some search on the internet and got the rapid test are not sensitive and may miss some HIV strains or subtypes. So I have taken another test using HIV-DUO CMIA test (4th generation) after 8 days (on 83rd day). The result was non-reactive.
So are the tests which I have taken cover all the strains for HIV1/2? Are my results are conclusive or do I need to take any further tests?
Also is it fine taking a test within 8 days after the first test taken since if new blood will have enough antibodies to detect?
I heard people say it may take 6 months or more to show antibodies to detect in the tests.
But by reading around 100 threads here in Medhelp, all suggest 4-6 weeks HIV DUO test is conclusive. In India the conclusive result will be after 3 months and (rare cases 6 months).  May I ask is there any solid evidence are there to support this information 4-6 weeks conclusive result?  
Will HIV DUO (CMIA) test detects Antigens for all the HIV1 subtypes/strains ?  And what about HIV2 since as per my understanding the DUO test will not detect HIV2 Antigens and it purely depends on Antibody detection. So in that case still 6 weeks is enough for conclusive result ?
I am literally afraid thinking my result can be false-negative. Or any chance of late seroconversion possible ?
Can any expert here can help please ?


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first, I'd like to ask if you wore a condom during anal sex? also, your 4th gen duo test is conclusive, you do not have HIV. these tests are extremely accurate. your anxiety is making you not think logically, even though you have read yourself hundreds of threads. if you keep obsessing, seek help for that. sorry for not being able to post the findings and such that you've requested since I'm posting from my cell while I'm at work, but i wanted to try to answer soon as i could to ease your mind.
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Thanks laxus2012 for your feedback.  I am still believing about HIV2 conclusive result since even  HIV DUO test is an antibody test for HIV2, so a 3 months window is not necessary for Hiv2?  Also is it fine to take another blood test in 8 days gap or will it affect the accuracy of the test?
you didn't answer me about the condom. also, as I've said your test is considered conclusive.  a 4th gen duo is conclusive at 28 days. is it fine to take one after 8 days of having one? sure, you can take it whenever you want, but you're wasting your time. You do not have HIV, and you do not need to keep testing. as i mentioned, you need help for anxiety for your fear of HIV.
Thanks again.  There was no condom used. I am naked and she was wearing a thin underwear. So is it fine when I taken duo test just 8 days after taking the rapid test? Will the newly formed blood during these 8 days will have enough antibodies to detect in duo test? May be I am asking silly question, but my mind is suspecting  so many possibilities
Reread about conclusive and see a therapist since your anxiety is a bit of a mental health problem at this point, which is why you keep asking the same questions.
I've already answered the 8 day question, and advised that it's pointless. move on from HIV.
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