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Are these hiv symptoms ?? Extremely worried!!

I'm having severe and painful sore throat for last 3 days along with dry cough and thick yellow greenish mucous coming from throat also particular in morning while I cough. I have no fever headache or anything else...I'm very scared and worried ... This happened exactly 16 days after I had blood drawn for tests .. I suspect they used contaminated cotton on my neeedle puncture wound to stop bleeding. Im having a lot of anxiety over this ... pls tell me if the symptoms are related  to Acute hiv ? I live with family n am extremely scared because I never previously had such painful sore throat. Pls help me. Just to add 10 weeks earlier I had protected vaginal sex with worker of unknown status. I tested for hiv duo test at 5 weeks and 8 weeks and both came back negative. But I'm scared more about blood drawn incident since these symptoms started after 2 weeks of it... Pls guide n help me .. I'm feeling dead and very scared. I don't want to be of any trouble for my family..
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You never had a risk. Not from the "PROTECTED" sex, not from the needle and not from the piece of cotton.

You have HIV phobia, and you must seek help for it. Remember the toothpaste question ???
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Yes I do remember but I try to be positive and suddenly something new happens which is now sore throat and again I'm getting extreme anxiety over this... pls can u just answer 3 things in detail below as I want to stay calm :
1. If cotton was contaminated with little blood which I could not see .. can it transmit hiv through needle wound ? As needle wound have direct access to blood stream..?

2. How accurate is 8 week hiv duo test?

3. I also have one little large single boil in dark red color pop up on thigh out of nowhere along with painful sore throat .. are these symptom of acute hiv ?
Thanks in advance
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1- A needle wound is not a big enough entry for the virus. So, no risk for that.

2- The guidelines are 12 weeks, but non of the doctors have ever seen an      8-week negative turn positive later on. For you, that is irrelevant as you never had a risk.

3- No, because you never had a risk.
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I went to ENT specialist and he used some metal instrument inside the mouth which was definitely not stetlized as it was laying on tray with other instruments... now I'm freaking as same was used for many earlier patients without sterlization... I have sores/ulcers in mouth .... is it risk of HIV transmission ??? I'm getting a lot of anxiety over this incident so pls tell me what risks are there if any ??
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Can some one pls answer me... on above risk I mentioned
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