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Being really paranoid!AM i infected?

Hello ,
         I am glad that there is forum like this  where people can discuss about there risk of getting HIV infected.So here goes my story,I am a sexually INACTIVE person and I live in India.So one year back I went for a haircut,I was actually sitting outside the hair saloon waiting for my turn.The barber was cutting a guy's hair with a pair of scissors,he was almost done.Then he removed a trimmer to give it a finishing touch.That's when I saw this receptionist smiling at him.Then it was my turn ,when he took out his trimmer again and I saw her giving a smile again.But I wasn't bothered much but until I saw a small scratch on my neck that evening which din't bleed but was little swollen and it did burn a little when I applied an antispetic lotion.I let it go since I read on the forums that HIV virus can't be transmitted through superficial cuts.But after a week I had rashes on my hands and legs and then it went away in two days after I went to the doctor.
     Incidents have happened in india where people have tried to spread HIV. I know how this sounds.It looks like I am imagining stuff,but I want to know what are the chances of getting HIV if that trimmer was actually carrying HIV infected blood.And I had a very small scratch on my neck.How much blood is required to get HIV infected.And does getting rash after two weeks mean something?Can hiv spread through small scratches?should I get tested.?or Am I being paranoid .. ?Please reply to put my mind at peace!Thanks!  
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No risk
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You never had a risk and do not need to test.
You are perhaps a bit paranoid which is why educating yourself about HIV would go a long way to bring some peace into your life.
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Thank you for your kind reply,Ok just one more question !Is it possible for HIV virus to spread through superficial cuts?And I had this rash on my body which never happened to me in my entire life..how do you explain that?
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