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Bleeding from my lips

I bled from my lips onto a piece of wet toilet paper. Forgot to wash my hands. What are risk from someone else in household to get it from doorknob or other surface and into their mouth.
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It sounds like you are HIV+ and worried about transmitting HIV to another person.  If that is the case, rest assured that HIV will NEVER transmit to another person by accident or from normal activities and contact.  

You can only transmit HIV to another person by having unprotected sex with them, or by sharing intravenous needles with them.  You can continue any other activities without concern.

If that isn't your question, please clarify and we'll be happy to answer.
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even if some of the blood got on my hands through the toilet paper? I didn't wash them. some of it could have gotten on the doorknob and onto someone elses hands.
It doesn't matter because HIV is not spread by touching blood.
Im so scared , my mom came up with the classic rash a few weeks later. So scared that she got it from me.
Your mother CANNOT get HIV from you.  It is not possible, unless you decide to share injection needles.  Please talk to your doctor about your unfounded fears.
Sorry to bother you again. but could you explain why this couldn't be a blood to mucous membrane (mouth ) exposure ?
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There are 2 important factors that negates risk(s).

1. HIV can only replicate in presence of it's host, moments after it establishes contact with the environment the viral DNA is damaged and it is rendered uninfectious.

2. Hypothetically speaking, even if your mother ingested infected blood from a syringe, it wouldn't have been a risk as presence of saliva and gastric acid in the stomach inhibits the virus, this virus can't be transmitted through the digestive system.

I am curious, were you diagnosed to be HIV positive?
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yes Im Hiv +
Be assured, there is no risk that can be associated in the fashion you have described.
Thank you Mike for your answer. I just cant get past this
There is no scope of transmission, not even a single recorded case through such route, it's not going to happen, can't change the science.

You must not worry, as suggested by CurfewX, please speak to your doctor to know about viable transmission routes.
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