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Blood contact with cut in hand

Hello to all. I am new here. I´ve been reading many, many posts in this forum since last week (almost all day long), but as I have OCD I please ask an excuse to post my question.
Long story short, since 18 (I´m 35) I did 8  HIV tests for possible exposures, all negative (just for you to know how paranoid I am with this subject). Now I live at the beach and am taking very good care of my health.

All was well, but I have a HIV+ friend wich is a gardener here and sometimes when we shake hands he has fresh visible blood in his hand. Sometimes I know I touch his blood with my skin and that´s ok but recently I touched a spot of blood on his hand and then I saw that it was right on top of a small cut I had (it was not bleeding at all).

I am very sorry to bother, someone would say if I really had read so many posts here I should move on, but I am a very (very) anxious person.
I also have searched the net a lot of stuff concerning cuts, small cuts, open cuts, etc. All too vague. And here I found some clearer answers. Well:

1 - Am I at risk?
2 - Why do so many sites make so much terror, such like: "If you touch blood and you have a cut it is possible, etc.!"

Can someone help me? The thinking is incapacitating me. I used to be very happy, practice sports, play with everyone and now I just can´t. Thank you very much.

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Dear Lizzie

Ok. I have searched this community A LOT Lizzie, specially your answers. But we are human beings, INDIVIDUALS, with INDIVIDUAL awareness of ourselves. We are selfish by Nature.

And I don´t know why you bother reply my question with another question, and also don´t understand why you are so upset.

You used 2 lines to express that you are annoyed. You could use 2 lines in many questions that you complain about people simply two EXPLAIN what people ask.

And you took time to read what I wrote because you wanted. If my RIGHT to express myself in a free world bothers you, simply ignore me.

"NO, PERIOD" IS NOT AN ANSWER. If it goes as you say not even that you should be answered.

You say to serach, ok. I´ve read about 1500 posts where peolple ONLY SAY: "NO, you were never at risk", "NO, period". Where are these so called EXPLANATIONS? It is very difficult to find it here.

It´s just a matter of values and understanding. If I had the knowledge and had made the CHOICE to ANSWER what people ask I would be more than pleased in really answering and explaining things EVERYTIME, or at least indicate where to find the answers.

And I am working on it.

I don´t expect any more rude replies, nor lectures, nor no one telling me that I will be banned, etc.

The questions of anxious people won´t stop by telling them to search and simply move on.

God bless you
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Just on more comment. Why some people here NEVER explain the "whys" of the answers? Once you are going to write anyway, what would bother?

Lots of people here are passing throguh very bad times.

"power claims responsibility"

If some here made a CHOICE to deal with the next fellow feelings, some burden would come along.

God speed.
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thank you and sorry
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if there was anything different to add...we would have replied.
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Any particular reason for being ignored?
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Could Lizzie, or Nursegirl take a look at my question please? I will not bother anymore. Thank you very much.
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The above answer is correct.
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Any comments? Please.
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The only confirmed routes of HIV transmission are:
-Unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse (penetration is necessary)
-Sharing of needles for IV drug use
-Mother to child (during pregnancy, child birth, or breast feeding)

The situation you describe would NOT have put you AT RISK, even remotely.

The comments made on the websites you mention allude to theoretical risks that require certain perfect circumstances (which your situation did not meet anyway), and just do not happen in the real world. No one has EVER contracted HIV through casual contact, and you will not be the first.
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