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Body to Body massage risk of HIV?

I recently had a body to body massage with a masseuse of unknown status. I was already reaasured that towels, as well as external objects such as bed sheets and pillows don't transmit the virus.
While massaging my back, the masseuse was naked and so she rubbed her chest and vagina on my body using oil.
While I am not sure if this was in my case, but can a big amount of vigilant secretions pass any kind of disease  such as STD's or HIV?
She used a tissue to clean the tip of my penis later on. If vaginal secretions were on the tissue can it pass HIV?
I don't remember well if I did touch my penis before taking the final shower, but if vaginal secretion was on my hand and that I touched the penis gland, can it pass HIV as well?
If we assume this person was HIV+ with high viral load, do these actions pose as risks? Should I get tested? Is a 1-month test after that kind of exposure reliable?
Thank you.
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As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

You had NO RISK for HIV and you do not need to test.  Nothing you can add to this scenario will make it a risk for HIV.

No unprotected penetration = no risk.
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But on many forums and webistes, I read that in theory if she had a wound on her fingers or hands and massaged my anus (which applies in my case) it is possible to pass by transmission, so that means the risk exists.
What is the masseuse was a psycho and as a way for revenge used a needle to stab my back containing hiv+ blood? Is it possible that I couldn't have felt it during the massage?
Please help me.
"In theory" - those are the key words.  IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED.  You will not be the first to contract HIV this way.

As for the needle, that's irrational thinking.  Of course you would know, but people aren't running around with needles full of HIV+ blood.  Put that out of your mind completely.
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