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Broken condom, immediate wash

Just yesterday I had sex with a CSW, protected at first. She used an oil based as lube, so no more than 5 minutes of penetration, when i pulled out we both realized that the condom broke and the head of my penis wasn't protected anymore. The good thing was that the CSW was pretty much prepared she brought all kinds of soaps with her, in which i immediately washed my penis with Dettol, and some other soaps as well. We didn't continue the activity as I chose to stop. She convinced me that she took daily tests and she was HIV neg the last time. I believe that this does count as an unprotected sex since the condom broke, but it was also supposed to be the first time having the incident. How big are the chances of me contracting the virus?
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Thank you guys for your responses. This eases my mind a lot.
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I agree with Dadz, do not overreact. A condom break is a risk but so very tiny.  It's less than 1 percent chance. It sounds like the woman is very interested in her health and that of her clients. She was prepared, calm and articulated that she's tested negative. I would not take PEP for this also as stated as the risk is too low to warrant it. You have 72 hours from the event to decide. I'd simply test at 28 days with a 4th generation DUO and expect it to be negative.
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Don't over react,
Your chances of having HIV on the back of this is truly miniscule.

here is why.
Firstly I don't know where you live but the chance any woman has untreated, unrecognized HIV is incredibly low, any yes even CSW (they actually are pretty good at keeping themselves and clients safe, despite the media pile on to the contrary)
We can also use the even to further lower the risk she used a condom with you which shows maturity, she had cleaning materials (which probably didn't help but shows she is careful) and she says she test daily and is negative, as a rule most people are honest with this. We can safety assume she is negative and as such cant transmit HIV to you.

I put it at way LESS THAN 1% chance you CSW has a transmittable HIV infection at time of condom break.

If she happened to have a HIV infection studies have shown that transmission rate vagina to penis in unprotected sex is around 1 in 1200.

Honestly i calculate your chances of HIV is no more than 1 in a million. I cant say zero risk, sorry, but I'm happy saying if i was you based on this encounter. I would not worry and move on, i possibly wouldn't even test.

this CSW seems very sensible, So why don't you ask for a recent test of her to try put your mind at ease? Or even ask her to test again and share results. She may be as worried as you are.

If you want to test the best test for you is a 4th gen lab test you can get 97-98% conclusive results at 4 week which would make your 1 in a million chance even lower, you can get 100% conclusive results at 6 week.

You are still (just) in a timescale when PEP is a possibility  but i would advise against this. Your risk is too low to consider it. and it will mess with your test results if you choose to test.
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I see, but is it true that immediate washing my penis might increase the risk of catching it?
Washing doesn't do anything one way or the other.
Recently, the CSW that i had intercourse with gave me an update regarding her HIV rapid test, which came out NEGATIVE (hats off for her for being thoughtful). Are rapid tests reliable?
The tests are reliable and she doesn't have HIV (tests taken during appropriate window period are accurate). But do your own test at 28 days post exposure with a 4th generation DUO test.
I'm sure you are relieved and should be. That's good news.

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