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Can ARS appear at irregular intervals

I always go through different sort of comments on the forum. Most people who have presented their symptoms they are mostly answered that their symptoms are not related to ARS. I at least understand most of them had low risk exposure.

Now, back to my situation, i had a high risk exposure such that a day just after exposure i developed stomach pains and back pains (of course i have a history of chronic back pain since 2005 ) of which later i was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease following endoscopy.

Third week after exposure, i developed a stuffy nose, i could experience a total nose blockage alternatively and a certain interval in each nostril. All these weeks i still had stomach pains and back pains (spine and muscle).

The beginning of fourth week i had a worst back pain ever, i really felt unbearable pain in my spine (bones) such that i had to massage myself with a very hot soaked towel. Meanwhile at this point in time my skin around neck, back armpits and stomach had a burning sensation. Same night i woke up while in cold sweat around my neck and chest, i guess i was damped but not profuse or drenched the whole body. The following day my severe back pain continued and later  in the night i had sweats nether damped nor soaked, but tiny patches of sweats on my back, i guess the room temperature was a little bit hot that night.

The beginning of firth week, i went for thyroid gland ultrasound and laboratory test for T3, T4 and CBC, of which all test were okay. my CBC had normal WBC count. The same week stuffy nose reappeared, this time with a hard bump on my hard palate and tiny bumps between hard and soft palate. They irritates so much.

On sixth week i visited ENT doctor and i was diagnosed with Non allergic rhinitis, i also had Chlamydia test which came back negative. Till to date, tenth week i still have the Non allergic rhinitis problem and i have a mild scratchy throat.

All these weeks i have had no no Fever, no chills. no Adenopathy, no Pharyngitis, no Rash, no Diarrhea, no Nausea or vomiting, no Hepatosplenomegaly. no Neurologic symptoms, no Sore throat, no tonsillitis.

On ninth week i have done HIV ELISA TEST, results will be out this Friday.

Now i would like to know what classic ARS is, based on my presentations didn't i experience ARS. What about my night sweats didnt they had do to with ARS.

With regards
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How many times do you have to be told we don't discuss symptoms on this forum?
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I got it
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