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Can I contract HIV from a syringe used to draw my blood?

I had a blood test done for regular health check up in a local diagnostic centre.Now I am worried about the syringe used to draw my blood.There were used syringes on th table.He picked one among them to draw my blood.Can I contract HIV if it was a used syringe?
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No.  A blood draw involves taking blood OUT of you, not injecting anything INTO you.

This is not a realistic HIV concern.
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Thank you.Is there no chance for any thing in the syringe enter into my blood stream?
Not HIV or any STD.  They do not live on the surface of an object (in this case, a needle) long enough to infect.  You could get bacterial infections, or HepB or HepC this way, but why not just call the clinic and ask them to confirm that they do not re-use needles? Most clinics anywhere in the world don't re-use needles because they can cause infections.  If the country and health system are poor, they would have to cover the cost of your treatment, which is much, MUCH more expensive than just using fresh needles.
If you are asking about a re-used syringe rather than the needle itself, then there is NO RISK of getting anything from that.
Reread about OUT and INTO and not. The situation can't be made more clear.
Thank you.one last question, I have read a news that a syringe and needle used for a HIV positive person could cause HIV if used to draw the blood.Is it not true?
Isnt my case similar to sharing needles for iv drugs?
It's not remotely similar.  IV drugs are injected INTO you, not drawn out of you.  It is time to let this go as you are entertaining a scenario that is not realistic.
The important thing to remember is it doesn't matter if you think it is similar - there is only one way to get hiv from non-sexual activity and that is sharing needles to inject with, so that is all you need to avoid.
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