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Can I get HIV with Oral sex ?I have symptoms .

I have received oral on my penis from three guys from 3 strangers 2 years before as per my knowledge infecting with HIV is low risk , hence I have ignored and. Now I am scared since I having some symptoms  what are the chances of me getting infected with HIV.
My symptoms -> after exposure 2 months later I have fungal infection on my testicle and after 2 months I have recurrent fevers every 3 months along with sore throat  , ear infection . I don't have any lymph nodes . After 1 and 1/2 year I have jackitch along with pimples on testicles , diarrhea , fever last for 2 days and aphthous ulcer and   gastric trouble . The current symtoms persists are very dry skin with black spots , dry lips and Ear infection and fatigue for some little walk or work?

I am very scared to get it tested for any STD /HIV tests , Please help me . please help me .

sorry for my bad English.
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Since you don't have hiv, see doc for any symptoms that concern you. However, it is possible that at least some of those "symptoms" do not exist, because your claim that " I don't have any lymph nodes" is definitely wrong self diagnosis. Your lymph did not disappear.
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Oral sex presents zero risk for HIV transmission.  No one in the history of HIV has ever been proven or documented to have acquired HIV from giving or receiving oral sex.  The only risks are unprotected vaginal or unprotected anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  Have you been to the site previously to ask about this?  

Since you had ZERO risk, your symptoms are not related to HIV.  And symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV.  
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