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Can I get hiv from needle wound covered with band aid?

Last day I dent to hospital for blood drawn. After drawn the nurse put band aid on my needle wound and tell me press on. I press with my fingers on band aid. However, I wasnt wash my hand and it was dirty. I also touch some surfaces in hospital. I wonder if there was blood on my fingers and touch the band aid. Can the blood pass through the band aid to needle wound surface? Am I at risk? Band aid can protect my needle wound from the blood on mu fingers?
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ZERO risk.  HIV could never enter through a wound the size of a needle prick.  The only possibility of blood transmission in a wound scenario is when two people are VERY badly injured and bleeding profusely to the point of needing medical attention, and their blood mingles.  This is an extraordinarily rare scenario, such as when two people are in a very bad automobile accident together. Your event wasn't even close.

Don't have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with someone of unknown status, and don't share intravenous drug needles, and you will never have to worry about HIV.  There's no information you could add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.
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Thank you for nice respond but I wonder one point that band aid can prevent the passing of blood in to wound surface? There was a band aid when I touch with my fingers.
I have already answered this question.  There is NO information you can add that would make this event a risk for HIV.  None.  Forget about HIV.
Okay I understand no risk but I wonder that touching wound area on bandaid. Bandaids can prevent any organizm from wound? Viruses or microorgazims can pass through bandaids?
This forum is only for questions about HIV.  Since you do not have HIV, our members here cannot answer further about what other organisms could pass through a bandaid.
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