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Can I get hiv from used intramuscular syringe

Last mont I went to hospital for treat my cold..the nurse put intramuscular injection using used syringe without sterilization..but she changed new needle...and she said only needle change is enough in IM injection...pls tell can I get hiv via this type
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No, you can't get HIV that way.  HIV would only be transmissible via an injection directly into your vein, not via an intramuscular injection.  Also, a re-used syringe that isn't attached to a re-used needle wouldn't present a risk for HIV.
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Realy thanks to reply me...u save my anxiety mind...I really worry about it for mingle my small child because that hiv spread from me..so realy thanks to reply my doubt
Some websites tell reused IM syringe can spread hiv that's why I have some fear about this
The first step to peace is to stop googling for death because you can always find someone on the internet who will tell you that you can die from whatever you are doing.
But some standard websites also tell like this... anyway thanks for all....now from I am stop to googling for health tips
It's often ok to google for health tips, but in the case of hiv the science is 40 years old, so the sites that claim you can get hiv from what you did are just using theoretical risks that have never manifested in real life - and won't in the next 40 years of your life either.
Then theoreticaly is this possible? How can I take this
Look up the word "theoretical."   It means that there is some way that, maybe, it COULD happen, but there have been ZERO cases in 40 years of getting HIV this way.  You will not be the first.
The problem is  not for me because it's ok to I get this...but I'm living with my 6 years kid...I only fear about my kid may it's transfer through me to my child....he sleep with me and always hug me and play with me some times we have some little injury with little blood.that's why I'm fear like this
The ONLY non-sexual risk is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with. You do not use a hollow needle you hug or rub blood from cuts on each other.
hiv is a fragile virus dead instantly in air so it is not like Covid that lives for at least a few days outside a body.
sb You do not use a hollow needle when you hug or rub blood from cuts on each other.
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This forum is only for questions about HIV risk and testing.  We are not able to assist with anxiety support. Your question about risk was fully answered, and you were assessed as having no risk for HIV.

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