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Can I get infected on Prep?

I am concerned about the possibility of contracting HIV.

On Dec 24, I had sex with a prostitute. We used condom and everything seemed fine. At that time, I was on Prep. I didn't remember if I took medication during those days; it seemed that I had been adhering to it for the first 20 days of December.

Around Dec 30 I caught cold. Then I got an eye infection (pink eye). After the cold is gone, I seem to be getting recurring sore throat. The combination of these symptoms made me very worried that I cannot sleep at nights....
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If you used a condom for intercourse with CSW,  you had protected sex.  You were not at a risk.

Also,  why were you on PrEP?  Are you with a known infected partner?
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You can't get hiv when you used the condom. That fact makes the rest of your circumstances irrelevant, so your situation is straightforward - move on from hiv fears.
Since you can't figure out if you have a sore throat, that makes it seem that it is in your imagination from fear.
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Well it's indeed a sore throat. It gets worse after I wake up and alleviates during the day...
It has nothing to do with your guess, HIV, which is the only disease you googled. Move on and get back to your happy life instead of wasting it with HIV theories.
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