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Can I giving someone hiv from receiving oral sex

Like there was no visible scars or nothing i just receive oral for 30 seconds at least but I’m not sure if I have hiv or not I haven’t shown many symptoms or anything. So I thought I didnt have anything but lately I seen signs in my partner. I just need to know please.
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No worries, because you can't get hiv from oral. Studies of infected people in a relationship have proven that the partner doesn't get hiv. HIV is effectively instantly dead in air plus also dead in saliva, and the person`s mouth always has those 2 hiv killers in it protecting the negative person from getting hiv via oral. Blood and cuts would not be relevant since the hiv has become effectively dead, so you don't have to look for them to be sure that you are safe.
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Thank you very much I am very relieved and appreciate this information you have given me.
Makes me feel better too.
Your answer gives me comfort.
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Yes, I agree with anxiousnomore.  This is not a cause for concern regarding HIV.  People don't get HIV from oral sex as saliva and air inactivate the virus. The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  So, you had no risk and have no reason to test.  
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I had the exact same inquiry today about Oral and our MD stated it would almost take an entire mouthful to raise the risk to something feasible. She did ream me for blowing off the risk as any risk is too high when STDs are involved. I think they are going to be okay.  
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