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Can I have hiv?

My friend has recently been diagnosed with HIV and also had syphilis at the same time ,but before he even knew he had it we kissed on two occasions and on those both occasions he licked my newly pierced nipple ( the first time it was pierced for 5 days ) the second time he licked it it was pierced for 17 days and that time he sucked it and licked it I can’t remember how hard he did this as we were both drunk.( I’m worried if we both had blood)  He had syphilis and hiv and when I looked it up online it says hiv can be passed on more easily if the person also has syphilis? I’ve been to my local gum clinic and they haven’t give me much reassurance im honestly so so worried is it possible that I have it now
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Please read the initial response the list of transmission routes are provided. You don't have an HIV concern, you should move on.
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This, as you are told accurately by Chima is not a risk for HIV in any way.  Licking nipples is not a risk whether he had syphilis or not.  Kissing is not a risk either.  The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Transmission takes place inside the body and air and saliva inactivate it.  This is zero risk for HIV and you do not need to test.  No symptoms you have could be related to HIV as you had no risk for HIV, so don't have HIV  
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Would it not be a possibility tho if my nipples are pierced ?
No, this is not a possibility.  ONLY the ways mentioned are how people get HIV.  No risk.
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In an adult, only unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles with infected users could result in HIV. Nothing else, including what you've described here, is a risk for HIV.
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I’m worried incase we shared blood while he sucked my nipple now I can’t put my mind at ease, would I be having symptoms right now after 3 weeks?
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