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Can anyone get infected with hiv in one unprotected vaginal intercourse encounter

I had done unprotected vaginal sex yesterday with a guy with his hiv status unkown.. he penetrated but with in a minute i stopped him... m not sure he came or not!!!!

Is it pissible to get infected with hiv inone encounter?
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I agree with Mike_no.  I will say, however, that any 'odds' or chance are quite low at less than 2 percent.  Worst case scenario, less than 2 %.  Very unlikely is what that means.
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I Just have another question that if the ejaculation was outside then even the risk remains the same?
huh?  Ejaculation outside.  Not sure what you mean but I guess you mean ejaculating onto you?  No, that doesn't change anything  written here.
If you are below 72 hours window consider taking PEP, you had a risk!
No i have already crossed that time window... but i was never suggested to do so in my first response.
And also i have read so many threads in this forum answered by Dr HHH and other Dr’s

For them single episode of unprotected sex is not a high risk activity... they dont suggest pep in any of the cases... in few of them he said even testing is not required!!!

I am getting confused with the responses....

My mind was at peace after reading similar questions in the forum...... but now again m worried!!!
Odds are in your favor, no need to worry. But any unprotected intercourse is a risk. After 28 days do a 4th gen test, I am sure you will be fine.
No real need to worry, and you're right - PEP is not recommended in this situation.  It is only recommended for those who have had a high-risk exposure (e.g., with someone who is known to have HIV or is in a high-risk group for HIV).  

IF he has HIV, the odds are 1 in 1,250, or 0.08%.  Multiply that by the odds that he has HIV, and your chances of acquiring HIV from this act are extraordinarily low.  Personally, I probably wouldn't even test, but since you are anxious, a negative result will help ease your concerns.
Thanks for ur reassurance!!! I made a point of not doing this stupid thing again....
Hi curfewX

I am sorry to put a message again... but today its 10th day of my exposure... i m not feeling anything strange in my body as well...

But i m getting paranoid about the situation again...

I have few questions banging inn my head time n time again.. that wat is the guy was positive n not on any medication.... still the chances of acquiring Hiv in single unprotected activity remains the same...

Pls help me!! Again!!
You need to distract yourself or something until you can test (which will probably be negative, odds are in your favor).  Just test at 28 days and move on.  Stay busy until then.  It will be okay.
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I don't think it's wise to calculate a probability in this case, it's possible that you may be struck with lightning when you step outside tonight, you don't calculate it's possibility each day, right?

You don't know the HIV status of this guy, every one around you is not positive. No point in being paranoid, just get tested at 28 days from the date of your exposure with a IV Generation HIV test.

Also, try and reach out to this fellow and simply asking him, people usually don't lie when asked directly.

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Thanks for the response!!! I have another question that if the person is hiv positive than by what time he can move around without any symptoms
Symptoms do not mean any thing, just get tested at 4 weeks with the test I told you and move on.
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