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Can diet supplements/herbal meds affect seroconversion?

I’m from India.

So I had sex with a prostitute on 15 feb 2021 and 15 march 2021. On both occasions, I received unprotected blow job and had protected vaginal sex.

I didn’t care about HIV then.

Later I started taking these around 20 May,2021 for general well-being:
1) Multivitamin tablet 1 daily
2) “Ashwagandha” tablet twice
3) Fish oil supplements

Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb, boosts immunity. Lately I found out it has some “anti HIV potential”- online sources.

I took my First HIV test at 5 months 20 days after LAST exposure, Rapid antibody test negative.

I started reading again online, about delayed seroconversion, the herbal supplements with anti HIV potential (I started comparing it with PEP/Early ART affecting antibody results)
Also multivitamin.

So I tested again, Tridot- negative
At 6 months 20 days of exposure.

I am still worried.
Are these tests conclusive? Hope multivitamin and herbal supplements, fish oil won’t affect the results.

I am so worried that I started to think even if I am negative, I would have caught the virus during the blood test (as the nurse was not wearing gloves, put the cotton ball on table, touched me to feel vein after wiping with alcohol swab, what if her finger had virus particle? What if the table on which the cotton was kept has virus?)

I am going mad I think

Please help!
I will be always grateful!
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You were never at risk for HIV.

The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

Supplements don't interfere with HIV tests, but you didn't need to test at all.  Any HIV test you take at any time is conclusive, and negative, since you were never exposed to HIV.
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Just assuming I was at risk, would the herbal supplement affect the antibody formation?
(Potential anti hiv effect it has)
We're not going to feed your anxiety and pretend that you had a risk when you did not have any risk at all.  You were already advised about supplements.
The answer is, the supplements you're taking do not affect the antibody tests.  As you have been informed, you did not do anything that put you at risk for getting HIV so you never needed to get tested in the first place.  Ashwagandha has no direct effect on the immune system and has no effect on HIV.  It mostly affects the adrenal gland, regulating and balancing it and is mostly used as a relaxing energizer for the adrenal system.  Nothing you took has any effect on HIV or the testing one way or the other.  
I feel relieved thank you all!
I am sorry too!

Anxiety kills me!
Working on it now
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Supplements make no difference. BJ is not a cause of HIV so no concern from this event. Plus a 5 month test is ample.
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Just assuming I was at risk, would the herbal supplement affect the antibody formation?
(Potential anti hiv effect it has)
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