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Can get HIV from an large open wound by indirect touching vagina liquid

I did a naked oil massage yesterday with handjob for ending. I had two large scratch wound at each hands by doing gym thing two days ago. No bleeding but can see suppuration before the massage, and they both are painful when touch water. So I put bandage to cvoer them. During massage, I touch the oil using my hand from both my body and hers. And I believe there were vagina liquid within the oil as she did massage using her vagina to touch me at body and penis. I didnot touch her vagina directly with my hand
My question is:
1. Can i get HIV if my open wound touched her vagina liquid?
2. Technically curioulsness, can HIV virus survive in the oil and transmit to others then? And can see the oil as a isolation surface to stop the virus touching your skin or wound?
Appreciate your response.
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Not anything else anyone can say. Answers aren't going to change.  This was not a risk and you need to move on. Air immediately deactivates the virus. No risk.
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The only adult risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

There is no other event that will cause you to be infected with HIV.  You had ZERO risk for HIV. You cannot get HIV through your hands, no matter what.
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Even with A wound? I see from report that open wound will cause infection.
I repeated, you CANNOT get HIV through your hands.  Re-read the only two risks above.  There is no information you can add, and no "what if" that you can think of that will make your event a risk for HIV.
No hiv risk. The most probable cause for getting an infection was erysipelas but then you wouldn't be able to write. You're fine.
How soon can be the virus be dead when it comes intomassage oil? Can it survive within the oil?
thanks for your explaination. thanks a lot. When I call back what happens that day, I cannot remember if I had penetration into her vagina by accident. If it happened I mean my penis accidently penetrate into her vagina slightly, is it be a risk?
You would know if you penetrated.  Your anxiety is making you doubt yourself.  Again, talk to a health care professional about anxiety as this may be very helpful to you.
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