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Can İ give Hiv to a man through oral sex

Is it possible to infect a man if you perform oral sex on him?  Is there any risk at all?  
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What if the person has bleeding gums?
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Bleeding gums changes nothing.  Oral is not a risk, saliva inactivates the virus.  Oral health and gum health do not change that oral sex is not a risk.
Wait... so if my gums are bleeding and I then bleed on to someone’s mucous membranes or urethra then you are telling me that’s not a risk for infection?

Why do medical journals state that blood tinged saliva is a possible contaminant
I’d assume that saliva inactivated the virus if semen was to enter your mouth. Not something like blood / plasma where HIV DNA is present in higher numbers?! People have been infected by oral sex.
Sorry I’m just trying to understand how blood is not a risk
Letitgo, you are hijacking someone else's thread which I know you are not supposed to do.  I'll answer you one time here which is that it has been explained that saliva has enzymes in it that renders the HIV virus inactive.  Focus on inactive and let it sink in.  There is not a single DOCUMENTED and PROVEN case of someone getting HIV from oral sex. This is a moderated forum that uses expert opinion to guide information and oral sex is not a risk for HIV whether there is gum bleeding or not.  No matter how many times you ask, that is not going to change.   Oral sex is NOT a risk.  It just does not happen in the real world.  End of story, move on.
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You can not get or give HIV through oral sex.  Oral sex is not a means for transmission as saliva and air inactivate the virus. This is no risk. Only risks to adults is unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.
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No ,no risk. You can not give someone hiv by performing oral on them
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I can give someone hiv by performing oral?
You cannot give someone hiv by performing oral my friend. Only unprotected vaginal or anal and sharing syringes can transmit hiv.
If you have hiv, it isnt wise to perform unprotected oral or oral on someone. The person may have other stds which you might get.
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