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Can i get hiv from his semen

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sorry im not good in english /im from asian country but here is my concern.  i had sex with someone i knew for 2weeks We had sex last night first we both touching our private parts while we were lying down on bed,he is uncircumcised so when pull down the skin of his penis the precum goes down to his balls. then he decided to put condom on to start our sex. alot of precum goes down to his ball from tip of his penis. question  is can i get hiv from it ? when we start to insert his penis in me i am thinkig the precum might goes inside me (im female ) female private part is open so im just concern if this precum on his balls might goes inside me please help me thanks
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I have read your previous postings and can only suggest that you continue working on your anxiety.  You have been fully advised that the only way that HIV can be transmitted, sexually, is through unprotected intercourse.  There is no other sexual act you can think of that would transmit HIV.
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