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Can i move on? Is it just over anxiety?

Hello, and thanks for your time.
I'm 32 male and 6 months ago i had an anal intercourse with a CSW(me insertive). At that time i had a genital herpes sore at the middle of my penis. We used condom which didn't slip or break. However i am worried that the sore might got exposed at sometime. At the 5th day i had a weird feeling in my throat and a mild fever (37) which lasted for about 5 days. At 10 weeks i had herpes outbreak which caused my groin to swell accordingn to the doctor. From time to time i might feel my armpit weird. and some weeks ago i had a pain behind my chest.
Im in a stable relationship and a few days ago my partner got sick with mild sore throat and runny nose and wet eyes ( no fever) and that made even more anxious that i might infected her.
All that time i have done so many tests which all come back negative but i cannot ease.
What are the chances of me being infected and not showing on the tests?
Can it be any rare virus strain that tests cannot pick up?

Here are the test so far:
2weeks hiv1 proviral DNA pcr
3weeks hiv1 RT-PCR RNA
5weeks hiv1,2 ab-ag EIA
8weeks hiv1 RT-PCR RNA / hiv1,2 ag-ab
8weeks hiv1,2 ag-ab ECLIA
9weeks hiv1,2 ag-ab / hiv2 RT-PCR RNA
10weeks hiv1,2 ab-ag EIA
15weeks hiv1,2 ab-ag
23weeks INSTI hiv1,2 rapid test
24weeks hiv1,2 ag-ab ECLIA

Thanks again both for your time and the job you are doing here
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You should have moved on back in July, so consider therapy for your HIV phobia because that is a lot of time to be suffering in fear for no valid reason.  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/EXTREME-ANXIETY-OVER-POSSIBLE-HIV-INFECTION/show/2987961
Can these spots on my right palm be hiv related?
I also developed one today on my left palm
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You didn't have a risk. You didn't need testing. Also for some one with a real risk that kind of testing time line is being over tested. Please seek help for your obsession. HIV is not your problem.
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