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Can it be false positive?

Hi all,

I had an unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal intercourse. After 3 weeks I started experiencing shortness of breath the after 4 weeks persistent fever 38 c. Fever went away for a week and came back again. I did a test at 4 weeks negative then 6 weeks again negative. And 6.5 weeks I had both lines for T1 and T2. Could that be possible? Do you think that blood rapid test was false positive? Besides during sex there was an air on the tip of condom but it disappeared after sex but I didn't see the condom breaking and semen was trapped in the end of intercourse. Do you think I could be at risk?

Thank you very much
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HIV can only be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV drug works and from mother to child.

As you can see, you did not have a risk and therefore don't need a test.
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have you been tested positive for HIV after the 6.5 weeks test?
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