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Can you get hiv while taking the condom off after anal sex?

After anal sex in condom I may have touched condom and some time later (20-40 seconds) my dick with my hand that touched that condom while taking it off while cleaning it with a wipe. Does that put me at hiv risk?
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This hasn't changed since you asked before.  :>)))))))))  If you used a condom for sex, it is not a risk. You don't 'touch' and get HIV.  Transmission has to take place INSIDE the body/host.  This is why penetrating and unprotected anal or vaginal sex is a risk and sharing IV drug needles.  Air deactivates the virus.  So, if you touched a used condom and then your penis, this poses no risk whatsoever. You do not need to worry about HIV.  No risk at all.  
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Oh my god this also has passed through my mind every day, so I also used protection and I made sure condom didn’t broke. I continue thinking what it vaginal fluids from the condom touch the head of my penis while removing it. Does air really deactivates HIV immediately?
HIV Can only infect inside the body. Once any body fluid is exposed to air, it's unable to attach to any host cells and therefore is unable to cause an infection.
Anxiety2dextreme, I think it sounds like you picked a good username for yourself.  As explained, this is not a risk and not something that you should worry about.  Anxiety IS treatable.
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