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Cepheid GeneXpert system HIV test

Can anyone tell me how accurate  an Cepheid GeneXpert system  HIV test is 421 days post exposure? Thanks
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thats 42 days
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You had zero risk and there was no reason to test for a disease you cannot have.  Any test you took will be accurate, and negative, since you had zero risk.
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Hi thanks I guess I am just one of those many people struggling with anxiety issues post some experience that they are not overly proud of... and just trying what they can to put it behind them, gain some reassurance or just pile the facts so high they blow away the anxiety. That said my question was a genuine one but ultimately I guess I'll get some perspective or  have to  seek some anxiety counselling.
Getting the counseling will get to the heart of the problem. HIV science is 40 years old and no one got it this way,so it is unlikely anyone will in the next 40 years of your lifetime either. The therapist will try to help you accept that fact, along with putting your science fiction theory into perspective since every meal you eat has an actual chance you will die from E Coli but you don't test for that each time you eat, so why test for a disease you can't have?
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