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Concerned about my son…

I quite worried after today’s incident. Was out for a walk today with my son in a local park when he was stabbed by a hypodermic needle attached to a syringe. He was bleeding a little bit and they was some fresh blood already in the syringe . I have recently heard other parents complaining that they are seeing a number of heroin addicts just discarding their needles on the ground after us. I am so worried now had that needle been used with someone with HIV is my son now infected.

Thank you
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I am sorry but this story sounds implausible. Attacked by needle poke or HIV phobia? I'm going with an anxiety disorder here.  

Regardless, playing along although I do know better than feeding into anxiety, but people get HIV from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. NOT getting stabbed to them but INJECTING drugs.  So, maybe your anxiety loop will stop when you take that into account but I am pretty sure your son was not stabbed with a needle on a casual walk.
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I don’t think i worded it right what I am trying to say. The syringe was in a bin and when he went to throw some rubbish that’s when it happened.
He got poked (by something) but was not injected. A poke is not a risk. hiv is dead in air so the blood on the surface would have dead hiv.
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