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Condom breakage during vaginal sex

Hi so yesterday, i had sex with a turkish sex worker in dubai. The condoms were provided by her and were of a reputable brand. It started off being protected however during sex the condom tore and my penis was unprotected for not more than 2-3 minutes. I have had lengthy conversations combined with a lack of fluency in English with the lady in question yesterday and today and she has repeatedly reassured me that she has 'no problem' (again due to a language barrier) when I asked about her health status and particularly HIV.

I had been considering PEP, however a visit to my std doctor, advise that that he personally would not prescribe it. He also stated that although I was unprotected it did start off with protection and the exposure was minimal compared to full on sex and that statiscally I was on the safer side. He has advised me to take a 28day duo or if i want to a 7 day early detection pcr which is quite expensive.

I have been losing my mind over this episode as this is the first time I have experienced a condom breakdown.
I would like advice on what are the next steps on how to approach this.
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Sorry to hear about the condom break.  That's always something that worries us.  However, I do agree with your doctor.  PEP is really hard to take and has so many side effects.  Most doctors reserve it for exposure to someone known to have HIV.  The risk from a one time condom break is extremely low. Less than 1 percent chance of transmission.  So, most likely that you did NOT get HIV from this.  She clearly usually uses condoms. I would skip the pep and take a 4th generation DUO test at 28 days. and collect your negative result as it will surely be.
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She is likely negative because she has to pay for the condoms. She only cares about herself so if positive she wouldn't spend money on condoms. I wouldn't worry while waiting for the test.
Thankfully Anxious and Guitar for your reassuring and encouraging words. Damn i forgot to mention after the first condom tore we replaced the condom with a new one, unfortunately this one tore as well however the pullout was instant as I was on the lookout after the first one. Does this change the risk factor?
If she's negative then you had no risk, so that is what I would focus on thinking about until the test.
She has repeatedly stated that she has no problems and is now ghosting me..
You can't expect her to do anything else if she is negative. I would ghost anyone who asks the same question more than twice.
Just an update the sex worker was not turkish, when she said turk i thought turkish however it was actually turkmenistan. Upon a quick search i found out that the turkmenistan government supresses HIV reporting and there is a lack of hiv knowledge
That information is not important to your situation.  Just test at the appropriate time to know your status for sure.

Of course she ghosted you.  It is kind of creepy to have someone keep asking a sex worker the same question repeatedly.
I was able to extract a bit more info though, she says she always uses condom apparently and when i asked for her recent test date and result she got annoyed saying im talking to much hence I have no documented proof of her being negative. I do apologise for the spams
As Curfew stated, just test. You are wasting your time asking creepy questions.
I finally got through to her in her mother tongue and she assured me that she is fine and tests every 3 months. This is in turn has relieved a lot of the anxiety i was facing for the moment and will probably make it easier to countdown the days until i can test. I thank you all for your valuable inputs and advices.

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