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Condom broke CSW


On the night of 23rd December, 2019, I was in a hotel room with a CSW here in New Delhi, India. She is not a street walker but does have a regular stream of clients.

She was quite dry , and maybe the condom was not put on in the proper way. There was no oral sex. I put the condom on my penis, and started having protected vaginal intercourse. 2-3 times during the act I took it out in between, to change position etc. When I put it inside for the final time, we had vaginal intercourse for maximum 2-3 minutes before I finally came. After ejaculation, when I proceeded to withdraw my penis from her vagina, I noticed the condom had broken off completely, and there was a complete tear at the base of the condom. None of us noticed when it happened, and apparently I ejaculated inside her only.
It alarmed both of us, and she washed herself first, after which I proceeded to wash her vaginal fluids from myself with soap and cold water.
I then asked her about her status, and she said she gets tested frequently, although I have no way of knowing if she was being truthful or not. She has a boyfriend, with whom she has unprotected sex regularly. She said this is the first time a condom broke during a commercial interaction. I asked her to get tested and I would pay for everything but she refused. She again and again said that she is clean and gets tested.

Please assess my risk regarding possible HIV exposure.
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Again, like always, I agree with mike.  Keep in mind that this woman is careful and very interested in protecting her own health and faithfully uses condoms.  That's a good sign that she has always done this, therefore, protecting not just herself but you as well.  Also, the transmission rate of a one time unprotected intercourse is less than 2% IF one partner has HIV, it is 0 (ZERO) if they don't.  
Get tested at day 28 and beyond with a 4th generation duo test but I have the utmost faith you will be negative.
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First things first, relax. Your situation does warrant an HIV Testing. However, your risk is substantially low.

Commercial sex workers especially, the high-profile ones in India are very careful about their own health, the do test regularly and insist on safe sex.

Although, it is unlikely that she is HIV Positive, let's assume from an extreme point of view for a moment, that being said, your chances of acquiring this virus is still pretty low since it is observed frequently, for a male to contract HIV from a female partner through one episode of unprotected vaginal intercourse, the odds are relatively low. It usually takes multiple such exposures for transmission.

The right thing to do from here is to stay away from surfing about HIV symptoms on the internet, it is a trap. STAY AWAY. Test with a IV Generation of HIV test at 28 days, easily available at Metropolis or Dr. Lal's and move on.  

Most experts haven't seen a male contracting this virus from a one time unprotected vaginal exposure, this forum hasn't seen one in the last decade. It's is very difficult for infected fluid to enter through the urethra. Hope this helps you.

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