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Condom broke. HIV partner - bleeding

I had protected sex 5x with an HIV female. On 4/12/16, the condom broke which i did not notice until i pulled out after about 5 minutes. There was blood on my penis and i assume it entered the urethra (hole). I have not had unprotected sex with anyone other than my wife since 1987. My local CDC says the chances are small but i was (1) exposed, (2) blood on penis, (3) female was HIV positive. (4) Internet research suggests that I am lkely to get HIV. Would like to hear from a doctor as my VA doctors said that they dont know much about this and only follow CDC guidelines which they put me on PEP on hour 69. Thanks in advance for your support.
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ps -she did not disclose she was positive until 4/22/16
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Hi, it is more than likely she was positive on 4/12. Follow your doctor's directions on PEP (it is very effective). After you finish your PEP you must test 4-6 weeks after and confirm your result at 13 weeks. If you can obtain a Duo test it would give you a better result sooner.
Good luck.
Thanks for your answer but do you have any knowledge about the low or high risk? as stated, my local CDC said it is still low but articles on the Net indicates it's high. Very worried and confused. Thanks.
Hello, the risk is relatively high when compared to oral sex, which is only theoretical, but it's low when compared to receptive Anal Intercourse, which is several times riskier.

That's why sometimes you hear is low risk and others you hear is high risk.

If you still have doubts check this table:

If you're on PEP is very important that you follow your doctor's advice closely, as you've been told by other users here.

By the way, in this forum your questions are answered by other users and most of us aren't doctors or related to the medical field.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the link.
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