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Condom came off or partially slipped off

Hi there great site have read some similar issues here as to mine I think I'm ok but would still like to ask the experts and other members for advice relating to my issue.

I had a recent encounter with a csw, during intercourse I did feel the condom slip but I don't think it fully came off I base my theory on it not coming fully off during intercourse below, stupid me I just carried on though caught up in the moment, however I would also possibly assume she would know / feel it come off maybe?

She changed positions a few times during this but I can't remember if I stayed inside while she changed or if she got up and reinserted (sorry for my terminology lol not sure what else to type rather all embarrassing), I didn't do the "deed" however, but she got up to change position and I didn't have the condom on any more, but it was partially hanging out of her like the band and maybe an inch or less of the main sheath was left behind.

My question/s or concern/s are...

Say the condom did fully came off during intercourse I would assume this would more than likely push the condom into her? so its no longer visible when pulling out?

However is it possible for the condom to come off and then continue intercourse with the condom next to my penis so when I pull out it pulls the condom partially out also with the penis so it appears like it has just slipped off?

Or because its partially hanging out it just slipped a bit during intercourse but never come off, but then when pulling out that's why the condom was left behind slightly protruding?

Many thanks and hope some of you could reply.
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If a condom comes off during intercourse it would have been pushed inside of her. If it comes off on withdrawl then it would hang out of her.

You had no risk.
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lucky you…you had NO risk

you are correct in your assumptions.  if the condom came off during intercourse, it would have stayed up in her.  the fact that it was hanging out means that it came off during withdrawal.

KUDDOS for wearing a condom ! ! !
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thank you kindly Vance2335 for the swift reply much appreciated and thank you for confirming what I suspected.

Have a nice day!
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thank you kindly for the swift reply Lizzie Lou much appreciated, thank you for confirming what I suspected.

Have a nice day!
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Sorry quick follow up question, I did say it felt like the condom slipped during intercourse as I felt something move / slip, however say it didn't slip but tore / broke I would assume there would possibly be tell tale signs of that also even if I slipped out and left the condom behind in her during withdrawal? From recollection it looked intact but didn't get to see it for more than say a split second or two if that.

Many thanks for your time.

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You never had an exposure by losing your condom on withdraw.
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Hi Teak I get and understand that upon withdrawal but as I say I also felt slippage during intercourse, however I'm now asking what if the slippage I felt during intercourse wasn't slippage but breakage, I don't think I would know the difference at the time, so if breakage also occurred would there be any tell tale signs as I say I only saw the condom for a brief second it looked fine but I assume if broken / torn it wouldn't look right?
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As long as the head of your penis was covered you were protected. Losing it on withdraw is not a risk of contracting HIV. Had you lost it during sex you would have pushed it up inside her vagina. Had you had a condom failure you wouldn't have had to look at it to know that it failed.
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Many thanks Teak I'm now moving on from this experience
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Hi Teak,

I sort of have some follow up questions in regards to the above to do with such things as condom breakage, rips, tears etc. is there a forum on here for such questions? or should I post here?

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What would you like to know?
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I feel that I am fine as you have all stated, but as you can understand there are always doubts as seeing from other users of this site just part of being human we all have little niggles of doubt at the back of our minds, but this is also just out of curiosity in regards to when condoms fail as I have never experienced one to my knowledge as the posts here state you would know, so hearing that I took to searching the internet its does indeed appear that you would know either from popping sounds, feeling much better, having just the ring left or ring and half a condom and the rest vanished or hanging off in pieces like say a banana skin is how I'm picturing that.

I previously mentioned I felt I had some movement or slippage during intercourse, it felt like the condom was maybe slipping off or maybe its was a horizontal tear / split some where mid way down between the middle and the ring of the condom that I don't know as I don't know from past experience what that would feel like nor did I see the condom for more than a second or two after use.

As I previously mentioned I slipped out on withdrawal, now this has posed a little niggle of doubt in the back of my mind as it was left behind and not on myself to see, what I have been reading about with what condom failures look like no one has mentioned them being left behind on withdrawal like in my circumstances.

As I only saw the condom for a brief second before the lady removed the condom from herself, I saw the ring and the main part looked fully intact to the ring, from past experience the condom looked like other times when I slipped out on withdrawal like it had gone back into a some what wrinkled up state / not stretched when the lady has removed them from herself, as I don't know what a failed condom looks like and obviously doubt there are many if any photos out there for reference nor do I want to see them I guess lol, I assume if its torn or shredded etc. it wouldn't look like that as the material has reached the point of no return, so I assume it would look unfurled slightly like twice the size as the latex would now look more like a baggy sheet of latex when she removed it from herself, rather than being as I say back into a slight wrinkled up state looking like what I know they normally look like, or would this be too hard to tell in this particular circumstance if ripped, broken, shredded when lost upon withdrawal.

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You never had an exposure.
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Thank you for your further response I understand you say I had no exposure and I accept that fact and what others have stated also, I just want to understand what broken condoms look like when they do fail I understand what they look like on withdrawal when still attached to me or what is left of them from what is stated by other users in other threads in this site or on other sites, I'm more wondering what they would look like on withdrawal but where I have slipped out and left it behind partially inserted, do they still look obviously broken,shredded, torn, unfurled etc. as they would do on me after withdrawal or would it look normal etc. when its been pulled out.

Thank you for your time.
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