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Condom popped!

Last night I had sex with a street sex worker. I had on a condom and was having sex until it popped then I immediately withdrew my penis from her vagina. I didn't think much of it since I wasn't exposed for more than 2-3 seconds but today I found the condom in my car and dried blood on it on the shaft area, I'm worried that she could have HIV and her being on her period could have heightened the risk. I'm going to take a test when the time is right but I want a risk assessment for this exposure, should i be really worried or the chances aren't strong enough that I could have been infected from this brief exposure. Any help is appreciated.
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Menstrual blood does not increase your risk - the doctors previously posting on this site stated that it is believe to carry less of the virus than regular blood or other fluids.  Odds for a man from a one-time vaginal encounter with an HIV+ woman are 0.04%, and probably much less for such a brief exposure.
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Wait so if a man did an unprotected sex one time only with and HIV + women he doesn't automatically got infected?
No, not at all!  HIV is not all that easy to contract.  To re-word what I stated above, the chances of NOT getting HIV from a one-time vaginal encounter with an HIV+ woman are 99.96%.  
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Did she supply the condom?
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No I bought it
Did she ask you if you had it, or require that you have it? I'm wondering if you can tell if she always uses a condom.
She asked if I had a condom and as I started to look for it I couldn't find it for a hot sec then she went "Wait you don't have a condom?" like she was gonna get upset then I found it and all was good until it popped. I was asking myself the same question, on one hand it seems like she requires it for sex but on the other she might have insisted cause she was on her period and failed to mention that so it's a coin toss really.
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