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Confusion regarding p24 duo hiv test (CMIA)

Would like to get some help from professional doctors over here.
I did unsafe oral sex(got a blowjob) and not sure of my risk. I heard that p24 duo test can be done in 28 days. My questions are :
1. Is it conclusive at 29th and 30th day?
2. P24 looks for antigen right ? and has no relation with antibodies produced then why someone need to test again after 3 months? I understand that every individual is different but here we are talking about antigens which should be detected once virus is available in the body? Please clarify it
3. If someone is having fever on 28th day and consider he is seroconverting, then if he goes for P24 duo test immediately. Will he get accurate results or he still needs to wait a week after conversation?
It will be very helpful if doctors here can clear my doubts.

Bit confused as how p24 works and if someone has to wait for 3 months , then why 28 day duo test is considered conclusive.

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Getting a blow job is not a risk and a test is not needed.

Fourth generation tests that look for the antigen and antibodies are conclusive after 28 days (CDC says 28-45)

P24 antigen is part of the HIV itself, and antibodies are the response the body makes to get rid of the antigens. So therefore antigens are detectable until the antibodies clear it out, at which time the antibodies would be detectable.

Most experts says 28 days is conclusive, the CDC says anytime after 45 days.

Regardless you don’t need a test if this was your only exposure.
Thanks a lot. I am considering your advice and not going for any further testing.  Just need to confirm one last thing that on 26,27,28 day  i had high fever and swollen lymph node. As on 28th day my fever came down and immediately on 29th day i went for duo test which came negative.

So should i stop testing and move on with my life?
If that was your only “risk”, then you didn’t have one, and didn’t need to test to begin with.

IF your “syptoms” were caused by ARS, then that means your body was making antibodies and wouldnof tested positive.
I am bit confused with second paragraph. Even if body has not produced enough antibodies to be detected, the duo (CMIA) test will be able to detect the antigens ? or the result can be false negative?   (At the time of seroconversion)
No. If you test at 28 days or more, antigens and/or antibodies are detectable. One or the other WILL be present at 28+ days. You could only possibly receive a false negitive if testing before the 28 days.
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The 4th Generation is conclusive at 28 days (4weeks) after your sexual encounter.
If u still decided to test more.the result will not changed.
Believe your DUO test result.
Thanks a lot. I got my answers.
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