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Consequence of oral with ejaculation. Whom should I believe?

I gave a BJs to a exchange colleague student in the night of AUG 9. Before we started, he confirmed that he got no disease at all. THE THING IS THAT HE EJACULATED IN MY MOUTH. I spit it out in a minute. Afterwards, I am getting more and more anxious about getting HIV. I have no sores in the mouth at that time. But afterwards, my tongue and tonsilla feel a little pain.  
I have read the related posts online, especially in Medhelp. I have also called CDC for help. Additionally, I talked to 2 friends about it.
While the information from Medhelp is relieving, CDC, as well as my friend, have caused my huge panic. CDC said my behavior is dangerous and risky. My friends find it intolerable. And other information online said that, although low, there is still risks and cases.

Would you gave me some advise? What should I do? I am having panic attack from time to time. It is ruining my daily life.  Crying for help and advice. Many thanks.
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oral sex carries no risk of hiv infection. the saliva in your mouth would have rendered the virus unable to infect. Your mouth also has air in it, Hiv quickly becomes inactive once exposed to air. You didnt have a risk and dont need to test for HIV.

but unprotected oral does carry risks for other stds. Might want to do a panel at the right timing for those.
thx a lot. My panic is fading a little today.  To be honest, I am so scared that I really want to buy nPEP now. But do you think that is necessary? My rational self answered no because of the side effects. But my scared self keep haunting me.
I will for sure get tested in weeks. But could you tell me how long? BTW, other stds r not as scary as HIV, right?
thx very much for your comforting. I really need it.
You had no risk, you dont need to test and you definitely don't need PEP.

If you still want to test for peace of mind, please do so. Collect your negative result and move on. In your case, you can test anytime, you had no risk.
I am in Hongkong, the CDC told me to get tested after 3 months. can that be shorter?
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Hi, guys. I was feeling a lot better the last two days. But today when I re-checked the online information, I have the following questions:
1. How many HIV infection cases have been  reported to be caused by oral sex?
2. Is it true that oral sex can theoretically transmit HIV, especially when ejaculation happens, as stated by the experts?
3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, then why there are so few cases?
4. If the answer to question 2 is no, then why the experts keep addressing that oral sex can indeed transmit HIV, and that the risk is "just relatively low" but not 0?
I guess I am just tired of being panic. But it seems that the HIV concern  has deeply rooted in my head.
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