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Contracted Syphilis from oral, HIV risk

Hello all. I appreciate the help you provided me regarding my exposure and extreme anxiety at this point. I just wanted to outline some things and see what you guys think. I’m not trying to be rude or reject what you say I just have concerns. So I contracted syphilis from a stranger I met online. Transsexual. She performed vigorous oral and extremely deep rimjob. I have anal fissures and when I go to the bathroom there is blood in the water from the cuts. I was looking at possible exposure routes and it seems like this is very high risk since she had syphilis on her tongue or mouth and it was vigorously contacting my fissure on the rectal lining. These two links are what make me nervous:

“It is advisable to consider using condoms for oral sex as well, especially because other STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea, which can increase your risk of getting HIV, can be transmitted via oral sex.”

This is at the bottom of this site:

The other is regarding this thread from Dr HHH where he talks about fissures.


Mine is quite large as I said and if she had syphilis on her mouth while pressed against the open wound, coupled with the fact that I have Syphilis and also experienced classic ARS symptoms 10 days after the encounter, am I screwed? Thanks guys I really need some support and help
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1) symptoms dont appear at 10 days, too early
2) yes other stds do increase the risk of hiv. But the overall risk from oral sex is negligible/zero. No reported cases.
3) i assume u r already getting treatment for syphilis? Anyways, i only can suggest u to take a 4th gen test on day 30. worrying wont solve the problem.
Good luck
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Thanks when would symptoms appear? It was extreme diarrhea like I’ve never experienced before, nausea, achey and 101.5 fever from the 10th to the 14th day. Not sure if the duration of symptoms means anything.

When we say oral is negligible I assumed that was due to the saliva inactivity. Not sure if I would be the exception as syphilis would transfer it directly to my open wound.

I am on 200 mg doxycycline daily
Symptoms will NEVER occur in your case since you didn't have a risk for HIV.  Antibiotics can cause diarrhea - speak to your doctor.

You will not be the exception.  Syphilis only increases the risk when there was a risk in the first place.  It doesn't increase a no-risk activity and make it into a risk.
Hi CurfewX, thanks so much
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Your other thread was closed and you got all the info you need on it, so no purpose in expecting a different answer with a new thread.
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I was just looking to bring new information forward to see if your thoughts are any different, regarding the large cut on my anus and the syphilis lesion on her mouth. I had linked the sources I was looking at, just hoping for a little hope
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