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Convinced I've got HIV

I had protected sex with a girl from a 'sauna' house here in Shanghai exactly 2.5 weeks ago. She also gave me oral sex and I also performed oral sex on her. The first time the condom definitely stayed on the whole time, but the second time, after I ejacualted when I removed from her, the condom was barely clinging to the head of my penis, however, my cum was all inside the condom. Three days ago I started experience a fever but no other real symptoms. The fever is low-grade according to my doctor (who I had to see after reading about ARS symptoms). I haven't felt fatigued, or achey, no sore throat, no rash (yet) and I'm driving myself crazy with worry and anxiety. I can't concentrate on anything and I feel like my life is going to come to an end I've caught the bug from one stupid moment. Does this sound like ARS? The doc couldn't explain where the fever was from. I have a test in 10 days. (No other earlier tests seem to be available)
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You lost the condom upon withdrawal. No risk there.
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But timing? And unexplained fever - a few night sweats with fever. Doc had no idea...
How can you have Ars when you had no risk?. See a doctor for your fevers and sweats. Not HIV related. If your still worried take a test.
No appetite since Thursday either
I am taking a test. But I have to wait 10 days till 4 weeks are up as doctor said it won't be accurate until then. This is driving me to distraction. Is it possible the condom came off while i was inside her, but looked like it was still half on when I came out? It was really only hanging just on the head of my penis...
if you had lost the condom while having intercourse, it would have been pushed inside her. she would have struggled to dig it out later. and lets not forget the fact that your semen was inside the condom. it is impossible to have the condom pushed up inside but still have your semen in the condom. think about it.
Ive got the rash. Just appeared this evening. Right in the middle of my chest. Small red, raised bumps.
I'm in tears
Fever still ongoing after 5 days. Headache. What else causes a fever and a headache for 5 days apart from meningitis?

I can't wait 8 more days for this test... I'm going to go crazy. I'm gonna lose my whole life.
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Rashes can be due to anxiety. Symptoms are not reliable to ***** HIV status.
As for testing, you can do HIV PCR RNA test now. Or wait for 4 weeks and then do a duo / combo test.
No RNA test available in China
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I thought I'd return here to let you know about my results from tests.

I've heard that these kind of forums rarely have people return to confirm their HIV status, but I'd like to buck that trend.

I've had 3 tests since exposure, all 3 with ELISA 3rd generation tests.

4 week: negative
6 week: negative
11 week: negative

I understand that for 'conclusive' results, 12 weeks is the guide, but I've been reassured this is a very good indication of my negative HIV status. For that I am very relieved.

I hope this episode can help guide people in the future to realising that what every forum on HIV says - only testing can give the right diagnosis and anxiety can lead to many many self-induced symptoms.
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