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Curious on alere determine

Hi friends, I hope to get some information. After an exposure which happened 1 year and  7months
back which was on April 2018, I went for a test yesterday the doctor
Did the test using alere determine combo and it was negative thank god.
I was happy but only short while , because the doctor didnt use the capillary tube but straight away rub the
Alere determine strip on my finger which had blood on it. So I'm curious if these strips has live virus on it.
I went to the doctor today and he said there are nothing on the strip except for protein or some stuff
I have oCD and being treated on it. I'm just a bit confused whether should I be concerned about it.
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What was your initial risk? Your worry about acquiring HIV from test strips are irrational.
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Hi  mike than for replying, the risk happened 1 year ago and it was sex with csw. Not sure protected or not as it was under alcohol influence. Now I do think that my doctor know what he does. But my mind keep wandering off. May I knw if can we get infected during the test if the test was conducted without drawing the blood from tube and directly rubbed to the strip. Is there any virus on the test strip?
NO.  The test cannot infect you, no matter what.  There is no HIV virus in any HIV test.  Forget about this and move on.
Hi curfew thanks alot buddy.
Hi Curfew or Mike,

Previously you replied me thanks for that, I'm just curious and also confused at the same time, maybe my ocd
is getting the worst out of me. I need to understand something so that whenever my ocd kicks in i can do self affirmations. The thing is  that I want to know :
1) is the virus only leaves in blood and other bodily fluids?
2) How do the test works
1) Yes, and it can only be transmitted by having unprotected intercourse, or by sharing intravenous drug needles with other people.  You will NOT get HIV any other way, period.
2) The test works by identifying antibodies and, depending on  the test, antigens as well.  The primary diagnostic tests are not even looking for the virus itself - they are looking for antigens and antibodies.

This is not an OCD support forum, and we have given you all of the relevant medical information about HIV.  Please speak to your doctor about your OCD.
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