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I had a sexual encounter with a female February 20 2017. I used a condom but near the end the condom broke and I was in her for at least 5 minutes. She claimed to be clean but I had her do an oraquick test about a week later and it was negative. I myself got tested at the doctors office 4/20/17. They gave me a HIV DNA PCR test and it was also negative. Is my test considered conclusive?
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Not sure who recommended that test, but it isn't the appropriate test at the time you took it.  You need to take a 4th generation Ab/Ag test - if you do so, it will be conclusive at any time now.
It's actually used as a diagnostic test by many labs now. Why they gave me that one I'm not sure. But according to some labs it is conclusive at 28 days. I just wanted to get some input from other sources
It's generally used for much earlier detection and is not as reliable as a 4th gen Ab/Ag test, so I'm not going to recommend it as conclusive.
Could you explain why it is less reliable? And wouldn't it be more accurate with more time passed since exposure date?
I'm not a doctor, so I'm simply advising you on information from HIV specialists and government organizations, but no, it doesn't work that way.

That test is intended for early detection only, to be given in high-risk cases at 14-21 days post-exposure.  It can, in some instances, lead to earlier diagnosis of HIV, which is helpful in starting treatment earlier and, of course, preventing the spread HIV.

This test is less accurate and gives more false positives than other tests.  The 4th generation is far and away THE most accurate test available, at more than 99% accurate when taken 28+ post-exposure.  

The long and short of it is that every single HIV expert recommends the 4th gen test over the DNA PCR test, and I'm inclined to trust those professionals over any general practioner.
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